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Well Drilling, Geothermal and Geotechnical Drilling
Dullea Drilling is a family run business with over 40 years experience in the Irish drilling industry. We own and operate a fleet of modern drill rigs with capabilities to successfully complete drilling projects throughout the varied geology of Ireland.

With operational bases in Donegal and Longford we can provide a fast and reliable service to every corner of the country.

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about1SCHRAMM 450 WS
The T450WS is ideally suited for drilling water wells, monitoring wells, geothermal bores and mineral exploration with down-the-hole hammer and mud rotary techniques.

about2FOREMOST DR 12
This rig features a unique lower rotary drive that is used to advance steel casing through unconsolidated materials like sand and gravels. A rotary top drive handles a drill string equipped with a down-the-hole hammer

This crawler mounted site Investigation rig has been designed specifically for soil sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis.