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Geo-Technical Drilling

Dullea Drilling operate a fleet of modern drill rigs that allow us to cater for a wide range of drilling projects. We can provide:

  • window sampling
  • concrete coring
  • small and large air-rotary drilling
  • tracked rigs
  • Shell and auger
  • Monitoring point installation
  • Insitu testing,reporting and soil logging

rotaryAir Rotary

Drilling and installation of dewatering wells and groundwater / gas monitoring boreholes. Our rigs are equipped to use ODEX continuous casing and down the hole hammer for overburden and bedrock drilling. Various rig configurations are available depending on site specific geology and access conditions.

terrierDynamic Probe

Our Dando Terrier rig has been designed specifically for sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis. Compact, crawler-mounted for easy site access, the mast assembly can be detached for remote operation in restricted locations. Hand held window sampling equipment is available if required.