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Geothermal Drilling

Dullea Drilling will work together with your geothermal heat pump installer to determine the design, number and depth of boreholes required relative to your site conditions and building heating demand.

Following a free site assessment we will provide a final all inclusive per meter quote for drilling, groundloop supply, installation and grouting.


Our modern specialist rigs and 40 years of nationwide drilling experience allow us to provide our geothermal clients with a knowledgeable and reliable service.


probesVertical Probes

Supply and installation of 32-40 mm, single or double loop PE100 probes with factory welded u-bends to the German SKZ HR 3.26 standard. We stock varying coil lengths to accommodate borehole depths from 75 to 200m.



Installation of bentonite and thermally enhanced grout as required by borehole design. Our ChemGrout CG550 grouting plant is specifically designed for fast and efficient grouting of geothermal boreholes.